Ometv FAQs


Ome TV is an Omegle alternative. Ometv provides random match to strangers, just like Omegle. In this way, you can video chat with strangers from all over the world

There is nothing you can do to remove the ban. You have to wait for the time given by the system to expire. However, you can bypass the ban wall by using a VPN.

Ometv offers completely free chat. You don’t need to pay to unlock some features. All features are open and equal for all users.

Of course, there is text chat in Ometv. You can activate it from the upper corner of the chat screen.

After activating the Text Chat feature, automatic language translation options appear. Choose the languages ​​you want to translate and Ometv will translate for you.

If you see a stranger breaking the chat rules with improper behavior, please, click the report button. Ometv’s moderators track complaints and ban people whose behavior is anyhow abusing.

Ometv does not have a gender filter feature. Ometv believes this will make the conversation more exciting. You never know who will appear in front of you, this is really random chat.